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The computer always                                                        adds 10 pounds"Good Time Charlie."

We’re not certain if he’s from the South, the Northwest, The Phillipines, the Middle East or Europe, as his dialect variably waivers when not in front of a microphone.  However, his on-air diction suggests that he grew up watching a steady diet of American television, with what can only be described as a cross between 60 Minutes and The Muppet Show.

After a stint of being the hobo sidekick of Ted “the homeless man with a golden voice” Williams, the duo broke up after Charlie finally panhandled enough money for an apartment, whereas Ted dwindled away his sidewalk cash on honey lemon tea and Vocal-Eze throat spray.  As luck would have it, Charlie ended up on the doorstep of Labor Ready in Bozeman, Montana, when the call came across for a new morning man on 104.7/105.7 The Eagle.

While nowhere near as famous as Ted Williams, he is more than happy to be known as Charlie “the studio apartment man with the bronze voice” Mulluk. Catch him on the Eagle Morning Show from 6-10am with news from CBS KBZK-TV and the region's most accurate weather information with Diane Clarke from Eagle Weather Command.  Reach him electronically at and on Twitter @CharlieMulluk.




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