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"Mama Brooks' Favorite Son."

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Randy Brooks is originally from Missouri and is a married father of three lovely girls. He’s been working many years in radio, but is also a trained musician and plays many instruments. He has played as a performing and studio musician for most of his life as a side-gig while working in radio. He is also a practitioner of the Okinawan martial art of Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu, having studied it since childhood, and holds a fifth-degree black belt and title of Shihan in that style. “Everyone at my house does karate,” he says. “It makes for interesting family disputes!”

After three years on our country cousin K-SKY Country, Randy brings his entertaining style to the Eagle midday show, following Zepp every weekday morning.  As an avid fan of all kinds of music, he loves that he gets to focus on his main passion everyday at work. “I’d probably do  this for free if they didn’t pay me, but you’ll never get me to admit that…..hey wait a minute, you’re not gonna use that are you….HEY!”


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