'Tall Boy' & Kim - 2p-7p

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As his name suggests Tall Boy delivers a heady 24 oz. of refreshment Afternoons on the Eagle. (Not to be confused with a Pounder which is 16 oz. or the Deuce Deuce, a 22 ouncer, he knows a Tall Boy is better than a Pounder, because it has more beer!)

Born and raised in New Jersey, the Tall Boy, much like his twin Jon Bon Jovi, knew from a young age that music needed to be a part of his life.  He first hit the stage at age 7 where he began a lifelong love of live theatre, continuing to this day where he recently starred in the Ellen Theatre's world premiere production of 'Just Add Water.'  He has also done three productions of 'White Christmas' and several other shows as well.

He attended The University of Florida where he majored in Speech Pathology/Audiology and minored in Dude...... as well as cutting his teeth behind the microphone as the PA announcer for Gators' sports, and later toured with the Harlem Wizards in the same capacity.

Joined in Afternoons by longtime Bozeman radio personality Kim Rossi, they are Rockin' it in the Eagle Studio with games of Yes or BS...and Crazy Criminals as well as taking your Traffic Jamz requests at 522-9977 to energize your ride home starting just before 5pm...sponsored by Bozeman Ford...all on the only 'two-headed,' live and local afternoon show in the region.

Join the Tall Boy & Kim and make sure your Afternoons are the best they can be.... On the EAGLE!!






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