Colter Langan - 2p-7p

Colter                                                        LanganSettle in to Colter's Rock Lounge every afternoon on The Eagle.  After nearly eight years as the Eagle morning show host, Colter tossed his alarm clock and moved to the PM.

Tune in weekdays from 2-7 for Colter's special brand of Tom Foolery and Monkey Shines, while occasionally injecting some High Jinx into the mix!. Colter's one-man-band keeps you entertained all afternoon, and gives you the most accurate weather forecast you'll find on the radio with meteorologist Diane Clarke at the :50s.  Call 522-9977 with your Traffic Jamz requests as Colter energizes your ride home starting just before 5pm...sponsored by Bozeman Ford.

Colter's not a real deejay, but he's been playing one on rock radio for over 30 years from Boston to Boise and points in between. You can email him your questions about music or what he said on his last show at

Besides hosting afternoons on The Eagle, Colter also produces fun commercials and news & public service features. You've heard his work on NPR, NBC-TV, ABC Radio, Westwood One Radio Networks and other places. He's a stickler for grammar and always thought the band should have been called The Whom.

Charlie Mulluk - 6a-10a

The computer always                                                        adds 10 pounds"Good Time Charlie."

We’re not certain if he’s from the South, the Northwest, The Phillipines, the Middle East or Europe, as his dialect variably waivers when not in front of a microphone.  However, his on-air diction suggests that he grew up watching a steady diet of American television, with what can only be described as a cross between 60 Minutes and The Muppet Show.

After a stint of being the hobo sidekick of Ted “the homeless man with a golden voice” Williams, the duo broke up after Charlie finally panhandled enough money for an apartment, whereas Ted dwindled away his sidewalk cash on honey lemon tea and Vocal-Eze throat spray.  As luck would have it, Charlie ended up on the doorstep of Labor Ready in Bozeman, Montana, when the call came across for a new morning man on 104.7/105.7 The Eagle.

While nowhere near as famous as Ted Williams, he is more than happy to be known as Charlie “the studio apartment man with the bronze voice” Mulluk. Catch him on the Eagle Morning Show from 6-10am with news from CBS and Diane Clarke from Eagle Weather Command.  Reach him electronically at and on Twitter @CharlieMulluk.

'Tall Boy' Keith Stewart - 10a-2p

Just                                                        Jesse

As his name suggests Tall Boy delivers a heady 24 oz. of refreshment every Midday on the Eagle. (Not to be confused with a Pounder which is 16 oz. or the Deuce Deuce, a 22 ouncer, he knows a Tall Boy is better than a Pounder, because it has more beer!)

Born and raised in New Jersey, the Tall Boy, much like his twin Jon Bon Jovi, knew from a young age that music needed to be a part of his life.  He first hit the stage at age 7 where he began a lifelong love of live theatre, continuing to this day where he recently starred in the Ellen Theatre's world premiere production of 'Just Add Water.'  He has also done three productions of 'White Christmas' and several other shows as well.

He attended The University of Florida where he majored in Speech Pathology/Audiology and minored in Dude...... as well as cutting his teeth behind the microphone as the PA announcer for Gators' sports, and later toured with the Harlem Wizards in the same capacity.

Middays he is Rockin' it in the Eagle Studio with games of Yes or BS...Lunchtime Laughs as well as providing tons of tasty treats with his What's for Lunch giveaways.

Make sure your Middays are the best they can be...Join the Tall Boy from 10-2pm. On the EAGLE!!




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